Top 3 Reasons for Using Moisture Meters in The Toolkit of Roofing Contractors

A major reason behind roof damage is high moisture levels or water damage. To assess the damage intensity, a moisture meter can be very helpful. Don’t you know why? Then check these top 3 reasons for using moisture meters in the toolkit of a roofing contractor in Los Angeles.

  1. Fire extinguishing

Fire extinguishing requires a large volume of water that can be proven to be destructive to a building structure. Hence, when the first inspection is going to be done, using a moisture meter can help a contractor of roofing restoration to determine water damage severity. With the help of this tool, moisture measurement helps in an initial assessment of disaster recovery. Additionally, it contributes in invaluable utility at the time of rebuilding procedure.

  1. Structural damage

If major flooding downed trees, or powerful winds have caused major structural and roofing issues, then there are high chances that your home is going to be exposed to water from storm surges, flash floods, and rain.

While structures are flooded or ripped open, discovering damage extent has to be discovered. If major structural damages are found, using a moisture meter is essential that can help to check where the roof is intact and dry.

  1. Inspecting the materials for roofing

For roofing repair in Simi Valley, using a moisture meter is recommended for inspecting roofing materials that can utilize NIR or near-infrared light. This NIR light process is a non-contact, accurate, and secondary measurement technique that can provide quick laboratory quality readings of moisture levels. Hence, to assess water damage impact efficiently and quickly, a moisture meter can be helpful.

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